Understanding ADHD

Is ADHD Medication Speed? Yes/No

First of all, not all ADHD meds are stimulants; the same classification as meth or speed. For various reasons your prescribing professional might recommend a non-stimulant medication like Strattera or Guanfacine.  In most cases, however, stimulants are the first option because studies show that they provide the greatest benefit for the majority of people. The …

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Learning from Apologies

Apologies are an invaluable treatment tool. Sure, the experience of being held accountable and needing to apologize can be painful. Once you learn to appreciate their value to your development, however, apologies provide an opportunity to reflect, empathize, and plan for change.  Ever heard of “failing forward?” A good apology is the key to tapping …

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It gets worse!

This is part three of our Following Through series.  The first two parts covered three major obstacles that prevent us from doing what we say: overcommitment, forgetfulness and distraction. In the final part, we’ll introduce a few more obstacles and wrap things up with a miraculous technique for actually doing what you say. Procrastination Procrastination …

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woman with anxiety & panic

Recognize Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety and panic are different. For example, panic attacks can strike without apparent warning, while anxiety can often be linked to explicit triggers and build gradually. Despite these differences, they share similar characteristics; feeling like you have no control, you are behind, and overwhelmed by consequences. How can we detect these negative feelings in order …

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