Interpersonal Treatments

Learning from Apologies

Apologies are an invaluable treatment tool. Sure, the experience of being held accountable and needing to apologize can be painful. Once you learn to appreciate their value to your development, however, apologies provide an opportunity to reflect, empathize, and plan for change.  Ever heard of “failing forward?” A good apology is the key to tapping …

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It gets worse!

This is part three of our Following Through series.  The first two parts covered three major obstacles that prevent us from doing what we say: overcommitment, forgetfulness and distraction. In the final part, we’ll introduce a few more obstacles and wrap things up with a miraculous technique for actually doing what you say. Procrastination Procrastination …

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ADHD & Meetings

For many of us, external expectations are most intense and numerous in the workplace. Demands are rigid and consequences can be serious. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and dread; particularly for high-stakes situations like performance reviews, client negotiations, and other meetings. All of these situations require us to bring our A-game, even when anxiety …

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