ADHD for Productivity

Online Course

Learn to manage your ADHD symptoms simply and effectively, and become more productive in the process!

This online course is a series of video lectures and a worksheet available on UDEMY.

Recommended for entrepreneurs, artists, and students who want to self-actualize and reach their full potential.

ADHD for Productivity

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ADHD GO: Treatment & Self-Coaching is a guidebook for your personal treatment plan. Choose the tactics that work best for you, manage your symptoms, and accomplish your goals.

8 Treatment Areas

  • BODY
  • MIND
  • HOME


I coach on Sunday from North America. If you are in Europe or Australia, for example, it will be Monday morning. Click this link to schedule a full-hour session for $50.

Latest Treatment Tips

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Come check out my stream on Twitch. I stream Dead by Daylight mobile matches while taking questions and chatting about ADHD.
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