ADHD GO is treatment information and coaching for people who are held back by ADHD. ADHD GO provides clear steps for developing a plan to manage ADHD symptoms. Our resources guide atypical thinkers as they build confidence, manage their symptoms, and achieve goals.


Hi, I’m Eric, a writer and coach helping people with ADHD to manage their condition.

I work with my clients to develop their own capacity to manage symptoms, handle responsibilities, and self-actualize. I focus on diminishing stress while reprogramming the bad habits that are holding them back.

My philosophy is simple, “You already have the answers to your problems within you. Let’s find them.”


I’ve lived with ADHD my entire life, and I understand how discouraging it is to work hard without making clear progress. Fortunately, we’re in this together now and I won’t give up on you. I want to see what you’re capable of once your symptoms are under control. Therefore, your only option is to succeed.


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