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Writing can improve mental health – here’s how

Writing can improve mental health – here’s how Any kind of writing can help. Yulia Grigoryeva/ Shutterstock Christina Thatcher, Cardiff Metropolitan University Ernest Hemingway famously said that writers should “write hard and clear about what hurts”. Although Hemingway may not have known it at the time, research has now shown that writing about “what hurts” can …

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Back to “Normal”

I’ve been thinking a lot about going back to life like it was before the pandemic. What people sometimes call “normal” life. Unfortunately, “normal” isn’t something I’m eager to return to. In fact, much of the lockdown really worked for me.  Before the pandemic, it was mostly considered strange when I felt uneasy outside my …

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The Window of Tolerance

The window of tolerance describes the state of being when we are calm, tranquil, and relaxed. When we are in the window of tolerance, we are functioning free from the negative impacts of stress.  Stress alters our internal frequency, pushing us out of the window. Stress drives our thoughts, feelings, and physiology toward extremes; into …

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woman with anxiety & panic

Recognize Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety and panic are different. For example, panic attacks can strike without apparent warning, while anxiety can often be linked to explicit triggers and build gradually. Despite these differences, they share similar characteristics; feeling like you have no control, you are behind, and overwhelmed by consequences. How can we detect these negative feelings in order …

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ADHD self-diagnosis

ADHD Test: Self-Screening

Do I have ADHD? The symptoms of ADHD can be experienced by anyone, but those with a diagnosable condition experience them with greater regularity and severity. For atypicals, the symptoms of ADHD have a noticeable impact on our daily lives. Therefore treatment can be beneficial for everyone, but atypicals will experience more noticeable improvements. For …

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Buried Treasure

This is here just in case you searched for buried treasure lol Well, take a look in the mirror, baby, it’s you! Unbury yourself and enrich the world 🙂