ADHD Slows You Down. Get going!

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ADHD symptoms trap us in negative patterns of behavior that feel impossible to escape. Every time we repeat the pattern, positive change seems further out of reach and the shame makes asking for help more difficult.

Don’t give up. There is a way to break free! An ADHD Coach can provide the accountability you need to make changes and reach your goals. Together we’ll make a plan and take action to improve your outcomes.

A guide on your treatment path

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and struggled for years to find effective treatment. I discovered that treatment only works if it works for you. Now, I offer coaching that sparks my clients’ interest, curiosity, and motivation to accomplish big goals.
I’m excited to see what you’re capable of when you’re not slowed down by unmanaged ADHD. I hope you’re excited about that too.

–Eric Anderson

ADHD Coaching

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*Interested in free coaching? OK, I’ll do it. In exchange, I’m going to record our session and upload it to YouTube. I’ll remove any personal identifying information. Your session could help a lot of people who feel like they’re alone in this. Don’t worry, I’ll make us look good. It sounds scary because it’s public accountability. Good scary.