Mantras and ADHD

Mantras are powerful, self-affirming statements that help recenter your focus and shake off negative thoughts. They don’t even need to be rational. They just need to make you feel good. It’s not for anyone else. Repeat them and they won’t feel silly.

Observe your recurrent negative thoughts, then think of a positive mantra that subverts them. If I am always criticizing my work, I might say, “This work is not a reflection of who I am or what I am capable of. It is great because it meets the project requirements and I’m joyful for the opportunity to do it.” Repeat it to yourself when those negative thoughts return. 

Defuse Negativity

A mantra that makes you smile with its humor and compassion defuses negativity. “My sadness and anxiety will pass like morning fog. They are familiar and not threatening. They will pass and return, but I am not afraid. I am strong.” Be proud of yourself for recognizing your fears and insecurities. Laugh at them. 

It’s ok to feel your feelings and talk about them when it’s safe and appropriate, especially with yourself! Examine your feelings and discover their source. 

Clear your Mind

You can use mantras to begin your meditation. Regardless of the meaning, repeating a word or short phrase can help you focus, steady your breathing, and become calm.

Mantras to Try

Here are some examples of mantras that might resonate with you. Feel free to use them or modify them to create something that really speaks to you.

“I can think. Make good decisions and figure things out. I can have, talk about and solve my problems. It’s ok for me to be who I am. I can make mistakes, be imperfect, sometimes be weak, but I’m always great.”

“It’s ok to be selfish sometimes, put myself first and say what I want and need. It’s ok to give to others, but also ok to keep things for myself. It’s ok to take care of me. I can say no and set boundaries.”

“It’s ok to have fun.”

““It’s ok for me to be close to some people. I can make good decisions about who to trust.”

“I can be appropriately vulnerable. I can be direct and honest.”

“I can grow and change, even if that means upsetting the established order. I can grow at my own pace.”

“I can love and be loved. I am worthy of love.”

“I am enough.”

Going Forward

I hope these mantras help you begin to replace critical and negative self-talk with positive affirmations. You never have to apologize for being who you are.

Create a mantra to calm yourself when you start to feel overwhelmed. Display it in the bedroom, workplace, bathroom, or kitchen. Fill yourself with positive thoughts, and there will be no room for negative thoughts.

Be proud of yourself for recognizing your challenges and making efforts to overcome them.