Eric Anderson

Eric is a teacher, author, and designer helping others overcome the challenges of living with ADHD.

gaming goggles

Gaming ADHD

If you’re playing Tetris like it’s Mario, you will never achieve a high score. Please excuse my dated reference because the point is important. They’re very different games and you need to understand the mechanics and rules of a game to play it well. Just like the computer programs determine a game’s mechanics, your mind …

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Mantras and ADHD

Mantras are powerful, self-affirming statements that help recenter your focus and shake off negative thoughts. They don’t even need to be rational. They just need to make you feel good. It’s not for anyone else. Repeat them and they won’t feel silly. Observe your recurrent negative thoughts, then think of a positive mantra that subverts them. …

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ADHD: Getting Started

Despite working constantly, we often feel like we’re not making sufficient progress. We’re stressed and overwhelmed by emotions, which leads to missed opportunities, troubled relationships, and negative feelings like self-loathing and regret. Disappointments and negative feelings become familiar.  People with attention-related conditions feel wound up all the time and struggle with certain skills. You might …

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Buried Treasure

This is here just in case you searched for buried treasure lol Well, take a look in the mirror, baby, it’s you! Unbury yourself and enrich the world 🙂