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Treatment is not always easy.

It’s difficult to find time for your responsibilities and then REMEMBER to follow through. Consistency is a struggle for atypicals. Obligations, life goals, and even basic self care often slip through the cracks.

Check in every morning

That’s why it’s so important to check in with yourself every morning to schedule and visualize your upcoming activities. Wouldn’t it be great if someone reminded you to check in consistently and walked you through the steps of a good check-in?

Accountability by email

Sign up for the ADHD Assistant to get emails that remind you to check in every day for a week! You’ll get an email with a blank task list (with some handy suggestions and words of encouragement) that you can fill in and forward to an accountability buddy. It’s great for establishing consistency and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Best of all, you can sign up as often as you wish! Practice makes awesome.

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