ADHD GO provides treatment and coaching information for people who are held back by attention-related conditions. Unlike other treatment approaches, we help atypical thinkers build self-love, confidence, and excitement as they learn to overcome symptoms and achieve goals.

ADHD GO is here to guide atypicals toward self-actualization and a more fulfilling future. You don’t need to change yourself (you’re already perfect). You simply need to treat your symptoms in your own way. ADHD GO shows you how.

A message from the founder…

Hi, I’m Eric.
I’ve lived with ADHD my entire life, but didn’t start actively treating it until I was in my thirties. I developed ADHD GO to raise awareness about attention-related conditions and share the treatments that alleviate them.

When I was growing up, a compassionate vocabulary for atypical thinking didn’t exist; people with various conditions were simply labeled “special” or “different.” Teachers referred to me as a “gifted underachiever.” I have always had an active mind, a quick wit, and an outgoing personality. Unfortunately, my condition also manifested in more problematic characteristics like impulsivity, distractibility, disorganization, and procrastination.

Even after my ADHD diagnosis, things didn’t improve. It took years of struggling against my symptoms before I discovered self-coaching and began to change my life. I surrounded myself with positive people, gathered accurate information, and developed a personalized treatment strategy to manage my symptoms. Now I help others do the same.


Feel free to contact our team with questions, media inquiries, or to request a consultation at info@adhdgo.com